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Valley Community Land Trust is an independent non-profit affordable housing organization with a mission to develop and manage affordable housing for families earning <80% of area median income in perpetuity.  The governance of VCLT follows the traditional CLT model with 1/3 of the board seats reserved for residents of VCLT, 1/3 reserved for residents of the area and 1/3 reserved for strategic appointments to support the organization. VCLT is able to develop projects, manage existing below market rate portfolios and work with market-rate developers to manage the affordable components of their projects.

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VCLT has a forming board and now we are ready to expand to a full board of 9 members. Community participation is how the CLT model works to ensure equity and inclusion. If you would like more control over your housing situation, join us.

The VCLT board will control all aspects of each project. Join the VCLT board now!

  • ⅓ of the board seats are reserved for residents of VCLT housing. Since VCLT is new we would like to invite residents of Belle Haven to join the board for these seats.
  • ⅓ of the board seats are reserved for the geographic area VCLT serves. We would also like to invite residents of Belle Haven to be board members for these seats.
  • The remaining ⅓ seats are reserved for technical experts. Preference will be given to Belle Haven residents that are also bankers, fund developers, housing experts or have another expertise that will benefit VCLT.
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“Are you at risk of displacement?”

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Essential members of our community are being displaced and cannot afford to live here. Driven away from jobs and schools, people are forced into commuting and add to the freeway congestion. If you are being displaced, let us know about your situation.

Read Investment and Disinvestment as Neighbors

The report indicates that accessory dwelling units and community land trusts are a few ways to help with this housing crisis. Do you agree? Yes, No